Naw Girl I Wanna Go Way Back

Sorry for being so late and lazy with blogging! Honestly, I had nothing to write about. I didn’t want to write a review on Link Between Worlds, because I was just so shocked by how short that game was.

HOWEVER, this isn’t about that. This is about listening to old songs from my youth. I generally grew up as a Hip Hop Head. I loved Hip Hop with every part of me. I felt it in my soul, and I felt it around me. Hip Hop was my lifestyle, and it was a part of American culture (because Hip Hop is a culture) that really spoke to me. I spent a lot of time listening to Nas, Big L, Cunninlynguists, KRS ONE, etc. that you literally wouldn’t see me not listening to music. Of course, being a young head, I talked a lot of shit about how mainstream rap was destroying and killing real Hip Hop- a lot has changed since then.

I normally listen to new artists and local artists, because it is unhealthy to be stuck in the past. You can’t say Hip Hop is dying if you haven’t heard anything 2000 and below. That is the case with most heads today. You listen to who’s actually dope in this time and rock with it. If it’s whack- then you don’t listen to it. Don’t get me wrong, I still bump “Low End Theory” any chance I get, but a lot of the songs I used to listen to got lost to memory and time.

Until I got deployed. I basically have all the time in the world to do absolutely nothing, so one day I started skimming around YouTube, and found a shit-load of songs that I used to listen to in my download days.

Nujabes- Lady Brown

This song brings back a lot of memories. Not a lot I have to say as far as the memory goes, but this song introduced me to Nujabes. It opened a door that still isn’t closed. However, Nujabes has passed away and he can no longer bless us with amazing beats- still he left behind a good amount at work that I still bump.

Atmosphere- God Loves Ugly

Atmosphere was on my iPod during a time when I felt my problems were big enough to make me depressed. Nowadays I look back at myself, and I wanna slap the shit out of him and say, “It’s gonna be okay, this is a trivial problem, it’s time for you to stop being emo, and start living the remainder of your high school life!” This song didn’t get me out of my depression, because that damn beat wants to hold you there. The intro really set me up too. Back in they days that intro was the thing that got to me lol. I literally used to think I was a piece of shit thanks to that intro. Then Slug starts to rap, and fuck.. there goes my mindset for the rest of the day.

Little Brother- Whatever U Say (Remix)

I got a new iPod right? My homie and me listened to the same music, so he loaded my iPod. On top of giving me The Listening on digits, I got the remix. I had just got my car, and I used to play this song on the way to this school to try and “graduate” in 2007. This song takes me back to cruising down Vegas Dr. trying to get to the Stratosphere to make a left, and end up on the ES of Vegas. Listening to the song right now reminds me of the cool mornings. Good times. BTW I graduated.

The Procussions- Miss January

It’s 07, me and this girl just broke up, because she outgrew me. It didn’t effect me like a previous break up had, but this song really helped me push through it. This girl’s birthday was in January, so I was with it haha.

Those are the songs that brought me back. I think it’s crazy how music can set off a trigger that takes you back to a time in your life that either brought you happiness or reminds you of the pain you felt. It can remind you of an old love, a good time, even the time you snoo-snoo’d with someone. What songs brought you back?