70,000 people, Glorious Helix-senpai, and Lift Key-kun



If you haven’t already heard of “Twitch Plays Pokémon” on twitch.tv- you have not internetz enough to be on the webz ever again. 14,000,000 people watching 70,000 people play a game towards a common cause of being a Pokémon master has never. been. so. funny.

The whole concept of the game was created to be a “social experiment” where a group of people play one Pokémon game typing the commands left, right, up, down, select, start, a, and b into the chat box. The bot playing the game then takes that information, and makes Red do the action that was typed. The problem with this is that there are 70,000 people playing this single game making decisions to catch Pokémon and battle gym leaders, and getting to the next town. All of these actions playing by yourself do not take that long, but because everyone is putting in different/same commands- these common tasks take hilarious hours. I went to bed one night at 11 pm and woke up at 6 am to see that everyone was still stuck in Team Rocket’s hideout. People have been checking their items during battles to pull out the all-mighty helix fossil and lift ticket, but Oak won’t let you use it because he knows the power those two items hold. You can almost feel the frustration of people who actually have hope that 70,000 people can work towards a common goal to, at least, collect 8 badges- fuck that. People would rather back-track to the Dark Cave and fight Zubats and Geodudes, so the programmer added a new system where players can choose between Democracy and Anarchy.

The Democracy and Anarchy thing works like so:

Anarchy mode is the “classic” mode, where everyone’s inputs are applied immediately.

Democracy mode is vote-based and has a more sophisticated input system.

In order to switch from one mode to the other, the mode that isn’t active needs 75% of votes as indicated by the dotted line, the current percentage of votes is indicated by the black line.

In democracy mode you can compile a sequence of inputs. left2 will move left twice, left2down2 will move left twice and down twice”

Which actually added for more hilariousness! I fucking laughed so hard when people used democracy to actually make it to the Celedon City gym, and couldn’t cut the tree that blocks the entrance to the gym- only for enough people to vote for anarchy to drag everyone back to Team Rocket’s hideout.

The programmer calls it a social experiment, and he may be right…but I cannot stop laughing at the fact that everyone has been stuck in the dark cave for almost an hour now- with no flash TM activated. Check the madness out though, it definitely is worth the watch.



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