Looking At: The Division


We’ve all had those conversations with our friends. We’ve all actually came up with a real plan for each other in the event of a apocalypse! I have, you have, my wife has, my nephew has, my dad probably did, and I bet you the president has a plan for an apocalypse. My friends and I would always talk about this. What weapons would we carry, what our movement plan is, shelter, and anything else that goes with survival. I thought we would make an epic team, but now– I can finally put our theories to the test. I can finally test the limits of our friendship and teamwork with Tom Clancy’s The Division.

The first time I saw the gameplay for The Division, I fucking praised the gaming gawdz. I dropped to my knees and pulled out my debit card yelling, “Take my money Ubisoft! Take all of my money and take my soul!” I literally thanked the heavens for an MMO shooter for consoles. With PC gamers being “blessed” with the survival MMO Day Z, and a plethora of MMO RPGs over the years; I got kind of jealous. Then they slap me across the face with a game that says, “Hey you! Do you want to play WoW? Do you want to play Day Z? Do you want to not spend money on a high end laptop to play an MMO RPG? TAKE A LOOK AT THE DIVISION.”


The Division is inspired by Operation Dark Winter and Directive 51, real-world events which “revealed how vulnerable we’ve become”; society has become “fragile” and “complex”. In the game a disease that spreads on Black Friday wrecks the U.S. with its stripper butt germs, cocaine, and shame. This causes the U.S. to collapse in five days. The player is a part of a group called “Strategic Homeland Division” or SHD–or The Division.. which is short for “bad-ass”. This group was formed to combat the threat, and do whatever it takes to “save what remains” in a massive multiplayer online situation. Which means you’ll be shooting AIs with your friends, and fighting to survive against (or with) other players.

The Division takes place in New York City, which I think is gonna be dope, because New York City IRL is booming with so much life that I think it would be a big warzone to actually survive in against other players, and against the AIs. It’s a 3rd person shooter with RPG elements, so the system kind of reminds me of Mass Effect and Ghost Recon had a baby. Visually stunning. Watching the trailer and seeing the snow fall and the environment around me made me feel like I was actually watching this shit happen in New York. The graphics are beautiful, and I expect no less from a next gen console. The shit that got me is the fact that you can control a drone from your tablet. You can leave the game for a little bit, get on the toilet, and control a drone to help your teammates. With the drone you can tag enemies for your teammates, and shoot predator missiles at the people you get into engagements with. This game was originally for next gen consoles, but PC gamers asked for it too. They always get what they want, so Ubisoft blessed PC gamers with the game as well. 


Like I said, I’m really stoked to have a MMO RPG Shooter make its way to consoles. With shooters being a popular thing in console games, and survival being a huge obsession since The Walking Dead; it only made sense to bring The Division to consoles. I was also really excited to have a game where you can play something with you friends online that didn’t involve kill streaks, TDM, and COD in general. This is the game that is gonna help me decide which friends I want to keep during and apocalypse, and even help me determine whether I’m ready for an apocalypse. With the upsides, usually come the downsides to releasing this game for consoles. This game might be Rated M, but I am almost sure that every parent in Murica will ignore the living shit out of this; that’s just how society is nowadays. There will be kids playing this game, and depending on their online maturity; they could either make the game fun or ruin the experience like they always do *cough* COD *cough*. One thing I also observed is the fact that trolls still exist. I’ve witnessed it on Day Z— during the beta where players were dying left and right, because other players thought it was fun to snipe noobs instead of killing zombies. I fear that this could be a problem with The Division on a different and more epic scale than Day Z. You are looking at console gamers, and I don’t mean all of us, but let’s be for real– console gamers are douchebags. Not all of them are gonna let you progress in this game. You’re bringing a shooting game that looks like it requires a little bit of maturity to a bunch of gamers who are getting their kicks from fast paced 1st person shooters like COD or Battlefield. I think since the option to fuck up another player’s day is available, it’ll be used more than the option to complete a mission. I also really fucking hope that Ubisoft doesn’t get greedy with power, and makes it so that you can buy these OP weapons and gear on some WoW shit. I hate that about new-age gaming. You can buy an OP weapon for $50 on the online store, but you have to fight long and hard to get an “OK” in-game weapon. I feel that we need to get away from that aspect of gaming, and just make the game fun with secrets and all the other good shit. Although I am excited for the game, I’m also worried that Ubisoft is baiting me on some bullshit. I feel like they’re luring me to their white van with the promise of good graphics and candy, and as soon as I reach for it–I get kidnapped.. never to be seen again.

Overall I may have my worries about the game, but I am actually pretty stoked for this game. I’ve been waiting for a good game with an open world to explore with friends, and my prayers were finally answered. The Division is slated to drop in the 4th quarter of 2014, hopefully they don’t push the date back like a line-up. Now I want to hear from you! What are you most excited about for The Division, and what are you worried about? Comment below!

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