ReIntroduction/30 Day Challenge

I am Ashez. It is not my real name, but it has been a name that I’ve been called for nearly eleven years now. Saying that, it feels like a very very long time. A long time ago, in the suburbs of North Las Vegas, NV, I was a writer with big dreams. I “graduated” from High School and went to college like my Pa wanted me to. I liked writing a lot, and I chose to major in Journalism. Two years later, and what a shitty decision that was- so I decided to do something else. I still wrote. I would say I was a Boba Fett kind of writer. Just writing about whatever for whoever, and eventually I just stopped. Three years later I’m bored out of my mind in a different country, and somehow my infatuation for writing suddenly appeared- like a wild Pokémon. However, instead of writing things I was obligated to write about, or writing things that were assignments I kind of half-assed in two hours; I can finally write about stuff- how I wanna write it.

When I started this blog with no clear purpose, but as time spent in boredom went on; it hit me. I always criticized, theorized, and hated on things that were happening in movies, music, comics, and video games! So fuck me, right? I started a blog, so that I can say anything I wanted to about all those four things! It doesn’t matter if it’s old, new, terrible, good, Street Fighter The Movie, Transformers, Howard The Duck, etc. I can talk about it now. I want to write about these things, because I feel a sense of freedom finally being able to say whatever I want.

My 2014 goals for this blog, is to make people laugh. I might be kind of serious when I slam the mighty hammer of truth and justice, but it’s all in good fun. I want to help readers decide whether or not something is worth reading, watching, listening to, and/or playing. I want to make this site look nice on the eyes, but I haven’t really fucked with HTML since Xanga- so doing it myself is out of the question. Most of all, I just want to write. I haven’t written about something that wasn’t pertaining to work in a long time, and it’s nice to do that.

If you already follow my blog, Thanks. I really hope to hear from most of you, and hope you find my blogs interesting. If you don’t follow my blog, that’s cool and all..but why don’t you follow me? I say pretty nifty things from time to time. 


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