Internet Adventure

Someone posted some shit on tumblr saying, “Doge is Dead.” which highly upset me. If you haven’t heard of or seen the doge memes, I’m not gonna post them here, because I am entirely too lazy. On that note, I’ve been on the internet  way too much out here. I basically have no life, other than the life I have back on the states. How do you reconnect with people when you’re too far to do it IRL? The internetz. The net is both a good thing and a bad thing. It’s like The Force, you have the choice to be good on the internet or you can go to the dark side (4chan, the bowels of reddit.) I have learned this way before I joined the Army. It actually started in my youth as a college student. I was basically an explorer of the internet (an internet explorer..haha) I’ve searched for things on google far and wide. When my searching days came to a halt- it was when I saw that guy get fucked in the ass by a horse, then died..yes died. At that point I realized, “Too much internet.” I have pretty much googled like a normal person since then, but I am on the internet way too much; that’s usually how weird searches start. I usually start with useful information, and some how end up watching a documentary about Thai trannies..lolwut?

Guys, the internet is a dangerous place. When you come to the netz, be armed with a sword and shield. Be prepared to fight off trolls, and defend against horrible horrible google searches. And whatever you do, don’t go any further than page 1 when you’re on reddit.


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