Oh why hello.

At last, it has come to this. If you somehow stumbled upon this blog; welcome! If you know me, good for you! If you don’t, sorry to hear that. My name isn’t really Ashez, matter of fact, I rarely use my real name. I honestly haven’t written anything since I was 19. I took a pretty long break, because life happens to everyone. I didn’t have time to sit in front of a computer and do nothing productive. Which actually makes for a pretty good first post. It’s like my job interview or something.

I actually gained an interest in writing when I was a little lad. Living in Germany, while my father did his thing in the Army. I’ve always had a wild imagination, but most of my imagination came from video games. I remember my first real story that ever caught (in my young and fragile mind) any attention was a story I did on “Bomber-Man”. This is before the times when I had no idea what a fan-fiction was, but I basically stayed within the lines of him blowing shit up, and beating bad guys. By the way, if you haven’t played Bomber-Man 64 as a child; You fucking fucking sucked at childhooding. BACK TO THE STORY: Apparently it was good enough to be one of the two stories in my class to go and be judged in Wurzburg. I didn’t win, but it was a pretty awesome experience. From that moment on, I loved to tell stories and write about shit. It was pretty awesome, I was garbage as fuck, but I liked writing at an early age.

Fast-forward to high school, where we didn’t make rational decisions, I got “serious” with writing poetry and doing spoken word. Mostly because I sat down and watch Def Jam Poetry with a friend. I practiced every day, and even though I produced mostly garbage when I was starting out; I got better. Of course, it was after high school that my poetry and spoken word got better. I did an album intro for a friend Bhon on his album with Elaquent called “Self I Am” and frequented open mic nights around Las Vegas to get a name for myself. I used to think I could be the dopest poet coming out of Las Vegas to make it to Def Jam Poetry (I really don’t know why I aspired to be there).

Eventually I took a life to the knee, and had a beautiful little girl with a beautiful woman. I thought this would drive to inspire me, but it actually created a writer’s block that continued for 5 years to this day that I started writing this blog a couple minutes ago.

ANYWAYS. I intend to use this blog to tell you about my mishaps as a young rebellious youth, and tell you (my future self) about the shit I’m currently involved in. I like to review music, movies, comics, graphic novels, and games.

SO. I hope I don’t embarrass myself the way I did on Xanga. Speaking of which, I went on there recently, and you cannot view your old stuff unless you upgrade. Way to go Xanga, now I can’t read what emotional teenage Ashez had to say about life.

What am I currently involved in?

Shit. Well, I’m deployed. That’s something that I’m actively engaged in. I don’t like being away from my family, but I really fucking hate that I’ve missed out on video game and movie releases. However, I managed to get my wife to buy me a 3DS and Pokémon X. Holy shit, has this game got me by the balls. I get off work, and I play Pokémon. I Skype with my wife, and I play Pokémon. I feel like I’m a kid again, but that’s what I love about Pokémon. I’ve been playing Pokémon since I was 8, and as long as Game Freak realizes that I’m alive to play Pokémon; I will still play Pokémon. I know it’s gotten pretty bad when my daughter talks to me on the phone and says, “Only daddy likes Pokémon.” My inner bastard says, “Yeah? Well daddy also likes the fact that he knows Santa Claus is fucking fake as fuck.” I’m a father now, so I usually laugh it off.

How do cool people end this off? Is there like a “in conclusion” or do I just conclude?

Fuck it. Concluded. Fuck it.


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